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Dawn at Vesta - GRaND

Raw Data (Level 1a)

Status: Archived

The GRaND L1a are a time-ordered collection of gamma ray and neutron counting data and histograms acquired by GRaND during all phases of the Dawn mission. The dataset includes state-of-health data, such as temperature and voltage readings, needed for the analysis of the counting data.

Data set: Browse: Download:
GRaND Raw data (L1a), all Vesta phases (14 Gb) DWNVGRD_1A Download (4.5 Gb)

Level 2 Map Products

Status: Archived

This volume includes six data sets, representing higher level GRaND map products for neutron absorption, fast neutron, high-energy gamma ray counts, hydrogen abundance, and iron gamma ray corrected and uncorrected counts. These six maps and their documentation are packaged as a single volume.

Data set: Browse: Download:
GRaND Higher-Level Map Products (64 Mb) DWNVGRD_2 Download (45 Mb)

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