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Dawn at Vesta - GRaND

Raw Data (Level 1a)

Status: Archived

The GRaND L1a are a time-ordered collection of gamma ray and neutron counting data and histograms acquired by GRaND during all phases of the Dawn mission. The dataset includes state-of-health data, such as temperature and voltage readings, needed for the analysis of the counting data. This data set covers the Vesta encounter.

Data set: Browse: Download:
GRaND Raw data (L1a), all Vesta phases (14 Gb) DWNVGRD_1A Download (4.5 Gb)

Calibrated Data (Level 1b)

Status: Certified with minor liens, as of Dec. 12, 2014

The GRaND Reduced Data Records (RDR) contain a time series of calibrated spectra, counting data, and ephemeris, pointing, and geometry (EPG) data. The data set is specific to Vesta encounter.

The data volume was certified with minor liens on Dec. 12, 2014. Please see the liens list for known issues before using these data.

Data set: Browse: Download:
GRaND calibrated data (L1b), all Vesta phases (1.5 Gb) DWNVGRD_1B Download (219 Mb)

Level 2 Map Products

Status: Archived

This volume includes six data sets, representing higher level GRaND map products for neutron absorption, fast neutron, high-energy gamma ray counts, hydrogen abundance, and iron gamma ray corrected and uncorrected counts. These six maps and their documentation are packaged as a single volume.

Data set: Browse: Download:
GRaND Higher-Level Map Products (64 Mb) DWNVGRD_2 Download (45 Mb)

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