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Dawn at Vesta - VIR

The Dawn spacecraft visited the asteroid 4 Vesta for the time period May 3, 2011 to Sept. 5, 2012. VIR is an imaging spectrometer that combines two data channels in one instrument, Visible (VIS) and Infrared (IR). The data sets linked below include raw (level 1a) and calibrated (level 1b) versions of all available images acquired during the Vesta Encounter.

Raw Data (Level 1a)

Status: Archived (liens all resolved)

Data set: Browse: Download:
Dawn VIR IR raw, all Vesta phases DWNVVIR_I1A (19 Gb) DWNVVIR_I1A.tar.gz (16 Gb)
Dawn VIR VIS raw, all Vesta phases DWNVVIR_V1A (20 Gb) DWNVVIR_V1A.tar.gz (12 Gb)

Calibrated Data (Level 1b)

Status: Archived (liens all resolved)

Note: The VIR level 1B data has had the 3 micron region set to zero (specifically, the range 2.534 - 3.272 microns). The calibration contained artifacts in this range which the VIR team believed made the calibrated data, in its current form, unusable. They VIR team is working on a new calibration for that region. The raw Level 1A data is unmodified and covers the full wavelength range. The information for calibrating the level 1A data is available in the VIR Calibration Document.

Data set id: Browse: Download:
Dawn VIR IR calibrated, all Vesta phases DWNVVIR_I1B (38 Gb) DWNVVIR_I1B.tar.gz (26 Gb)
Dawn VIR VIS calibrated, all Vesta phases DWNVVIR_V1B (40 Gb) DWNVVIR_V1B.tar.gz (32 Gb)

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