Supplemental IRAS Minor Planet Survey (SIMPS)


IRAS Minor Planet Survey (IMPS)

The current (V6.0) version of this data set comprises the 2002 Supplemental IRAS Minor Planet Survey (SIMPS) which presents additional and revised diameters and albedos for asteroids detected by the 1983 IRAS mission. This version supersedes versions 1.0 through 5.0, which represent the original 1992 IRAS Minor Planet Survey (IMPS).

IRAS-A-FPA-3-RDR-IMPS-V6.0 Browse Download (5.3 Mb)

Use the following citation to reference this data set:

"Tedesco, E.F., P.V. Noah, M. Noah, and S.D. Price. IRAS Minor Planet Survey. IRAS-A-FPA-3-RDR-IMPS-V6.0. NASA Planetary Data System, 2004."

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IRAS-A-FPA-3-RDR-IMPS-V5.0 Browse Download (2.5 Mb)
IRAS-A-FPA-3-RDR-IMPS-V4.0 Browse Download (2.5 kb)
IRAS-A-FPA-3-RDR-IMPS-V3.0 Browse Download (2.4 kb)
IRAS-A-FPA-3-RDR-IMPS-V2.0 Browse Download (69 kb)
IRAS-A-FPA-3-RDR-IMPS-V1.0 Browse Download (68 kb)