Stooke Small Bodies Maps

These maps of small solar system bodies have been prepared by Philip Stooke of the University of Western Ontario. This data set includes 270 map sheets of six asteroids, five planetary satellites, and three comets, all prepared from spacecraft images. This data set was updated in 2015 with the addition of 44 new map sheets.

The link below includes all catalog files and documentation, as well as an html browse facility to access the maps.

Data Set Info
MULTI-SA-MULTI-6-STOOKEMAPS-V3.0 Browse Download (323 Mb)

Use the following citation to reference this data set:

"Stooke. P., Stooke Small Bodies Maps V3.0. MULTI-SA-MULTI-6-STOOKEMAPS-V3.0. NASA Planetary Data System, 2015."

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MULTI-SA-MULTI-6-STOOKEMAPS-V2.0 Browse Download (822 Mb)
MULTI-SA-MULTI-6-STOOKEMAPS-V1.0 Browse Download (247 Mb)
EAR-A-3-RDR-STOOKEMAPS-V1.0 Browse Download (84.4 Mb)