Ulysses Dust Detection System

This data set contains the data from the Ulysses dust detector system (UDDS) from start of mission through the end of mission, 1990-2007. (As the dust detector was turned off after Nov. 30, 2007, this is the last date for which UDDS data is recorded.) Included are the dust impact data, noise data, laboratory calibration data, and location and orientation of the spacecraft and instrument.

Data Set Info
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"Gruen, E., Krueger, H., Landgraf, M., Altobelli, N., Anweiler, B., Baguhl, M., Dermott, S.F., Dikarev, V., Divine, N., Fechtig, H., Graps, A.L., Gustafson, B.A, Hamilton, D.P., Hanner, M.S., Horanyi, M., Kissel, J., Lindblad, B.-A., Linkert, D., Linkert, G., Mann, I., McDonnell, J.A.M., Morfill, G.E., Polanskey, C., Riemann, R., Schwehm, G., Siddique, N., Srama, R., Staubach, P., and Zook, H.A., Ulysses Dust Detection System V3.1. ULY-D-UDDS-5-DUST-V3.1. NASA Planetary Data System, 2010."

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