Infrared Astronomical Satellite (IRAS) Zodiacal History


The IRAS Zodiacal History data sets are presented on four CD-ROM disk images. Each disk has identical files for catalog objects, calibration information, and index information. The unique data included on each disk image are outlined below. See the aareadme.txt file on each disk for further information about its contents.

Note that the tar files available for download have file sizes of approximately 580 Mbytes each.

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ir_0001 The IRAS Low Resolution Dataset 29 - 600 5749 tables ir_0001.tar
" and Part I of the Medium Resolution Dataset 29 - 179 1448 tables "
ir_0002 Part II of the IRAS Medium Resolution Dataset 180 - 399 2225 tables ir_0002.tar
ir_0003 Part III of the IRAS Medium Resolution Dataset 400 - 600 2076 tables ir_0003.tar
ir_0004 Binary forms of the IRAS Low and Medium Datasets 29 - 600 2 files ir_0004.tar

Here are links to the IRAS Focal Plane Array States and IRAS Satellite Position and Scan History Files data sets.