Shape Model of Asteroid (101955) Bennu

We present the three-dimensional shape of near-Earth asteroid (101955) Bennu (provisional designation 1999 RQ36) based on radar images and optical lightcurves (Nolan et al., 2013). Bennu was observed both in 1999 at its discovery apparition, and in 2005 using the 12.6-cm radar at the Arecibo Observatory and the 3.5-cm radar at the Goldstone tracking station. Data obtained in both apparitions were used to construct a shape model of this object. Observations were also obtained at many other wavelengths to characterize this object, some of which were used to further constrain the shape modeling (Clark et al., 2011; Hergenrother et al., 2013; Krugly et al., 1999).

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"Nolan, M.C., Magri, C., Howell, E.S., Benner, L.A.M., Giorgini, J.D., Hergenrother, C.W., Hudson, R.S., Lauretta, D.S., Margot, J.L., Ostro, S.J., and Scheeres, D.J., Asteroid (101955) Bennu Shape Model V1.0. EAR-A-I0037-5-BENNUSHAPE-V1.0. NASA Planetary Data System, 2013."

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