Dawn Data Archive

Main target bodies: Asteroids (4) Vesta and (1) Ceres
Launch date: 27 September 2007
Mars flyby date: 18 February 2009
Vesta orbit operations: July 16, 2011 - Sept. 5, 2012
Ceres orbit operations: March 6, 2015 - Oct. 31, 2018

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Dawn primary instrument data:

Data type Browse/Download Description
Images Framing Camera (FC) Mars/Cruise/Calibration FC1 and FC2 are identical optical cameras
with a 1024x1024 pixel CCD. Filters include one broadband
and seven narrow-band filters from 438-965 nm.
Framing Camera Vesta
Framing Camera Ceres
Spectra VIS/IR Spectrometer (VIR) Cruise VIR is a moderate-resolution imaging
spectrometer with a 0.25-1 micron visible channel and a
0.95-5 micron infrared channel.
VIS/IR Spectrometer Vesta
VIS/IR Spectrometer Ceres
Nuclear Gamma-Ray/Neutron Detector Mars/Cruise (GRaND) GRaND is a nuclear spectrometer which measures
the spectrum of planetary gamma rays and neutrons which
originate from galactic cosmic ray interactions and the
decay of radioelements within the regolith.
Gamma-Ray/Neutron Detector Vesta
Gamma-Ray/Neutron Detector Ceres
Magnetometer N/A No magnetometer instrument on Dawn
Dust N/A No dust detector on Dawn
Altimetry N/A No altimetry instrument on Dawn
Radio Science Raw Radio Science (Gravity) Vesta ODF and ancillary RS data for Vesta
Raw Radio Science (Gravity) Ceres ODF and ancillary RS data for Ceres
SPICE Dawn SPICE Archive Archived at NAIF

Derived data:

Data type Browse/Download Description
Maps/Mosaics Framing Camera Image Mosaics of Vesta Global and regional mosaics for Vesta and Ceres,
produced by the FC team
Framing Camera Image Mosaics of Ceres
VIR Spectral Maps of Vesta VIR global spectral maps for Vesta and Ceres,
produced by the VIR team
VIR Spectral Maps of Ceres
GRaND Abundance Maps of Vesta Global H, Fe, neutron, and high-energy gamma ray maps
of Vesta produced by the GRaND team
GRaND Abundance Maps of Ceres Global H, Fe, and neutron maps of Ceres produced by
the GRaND team
Models Dawn Vesta shape models Digital terrain models produced by the FC team, and SPC shape model produced by Dawn Gravity team
Dawn Ceres shape models
Dawn Vesta gravity Models Gravity models for Vesta and Ceres produced
by the Gravity team
Dawn Ceres gravity Models

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