Dawn Ceres Gravity Models

Status: Archived, release date May 1, 2024

This data set contains archival results from gravity investigations conducted during the Dawn mission while the spacecraft was in orbit around the asteroid Ceres. Radio measurements were made using the Dawn spacecraft and Earth-based stations of the NASA Deep Space Network (DSN). The data set includes a spherical harmonic model of Ceres's gravity field generated by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, radial gravity acceleration map, and Bouguer map; these results were derived from raw radio tracking data.

Version 4 updates the data set with the addition of Ceres gravity models from the extended mission.

Data Set Info

DWNCGRS_2 (Version 4) Browse Download (4.8 Mb)

Use the following citation to reference this data set:

"Park, R.S., Konopliv, A.S., Asmar, S.W., and Buccino, D.R., Dawn Ceres Derived Gravity Data V4.0, NASA Planetary Data System, DAWN-A-RSS-5-CEGR-V4.0, 2024."

Superseded Versions: Show

The superseded version 1 of the data set differed slightly from the coordinate system used in other Dawn Ceres map products delivered to PDS. A version 2 of the Ceres L-2 gravity data products was produced to align the coordinate system with the one utilized by other Dawn Ceres map products. See the volume aareadme for details of the coordinate system. Subsequently, version 3 was produced which is fully consistent with the final SPC shape model of Ceres. Version 4 adds models from the extended mission.

DWNCGRS_2 (Version 3) Browse Download (4.2 Mb)
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