Asteroid Names and Discovery Circumstances

This data set includes names, designations, and discovery circumstances for the asteroids numbered as of April 20, 2008.

EAR-A-5-DDR-ASTNAMES-DISCOVERY-V12.0 Browse Download (2.0 Mb)

Use the following citation to reference this data set:

"Tholen, D.J., Ed., Asteroid Names and Discovery V12.0. EAR-A-5-DDR-ASTNAMES-DISCOVERY-V12.0. NASA Planetary Data System, 2008."

Superseded versions of this data set:

EAR-A-5-DDR-ASTNAMES-DISCOVERY-V11.0 Browse Download (1.7 Mb)
EAR-A-5-DDR-ASTNAMES-DISCOVERY-V10.0 Browse Download (1.5 Mb)
EAR-A-5-DDR-ASTNAMES-DISCOVERY-V9.0 Browse Download (1.2 Mb)
EAR-A-5-DDR-ASTNAMES-DISCOVERY-V8.0 Browse Download (984 kb)
EAR-A-5-DDR-ASTNAMES-DISCOVERY-V7.0 Browse Download (776 kb)
EAR-A-5-DDR-ASTNAMES-DISCOVERY-V6.0 Browse Download (579 kb)
EAR-A-5-DDR-ASTNAMES-DISCOVERY-V5.0 Browse Download (276 kb)
EAR-A-5-DDR-ASTNAMES-DISCOVERY-V4.0 Browse Download (198 kb)
EAR-A-5-DDR-ASTNAMES-DISCOVERY-V3.0 Browse Download (170 kb)
EAR-A-5-DDR-ASTNAMES-DISCOVERY-V2.0 Browse Download (154 kb)
EAR-A-5-DDR-ASTNAMES-DISCOVERY-V1.0 Browse Download (140 kb)
EAR-A-5-DDR-DISCOVERY-V2.0 Browse Download (140 kb)
EAR-A-5-DDR-DISCOVERY-V1.0 Browse Download (62 kb)
EAR-A-5-DDR-ASTNAMES-V2.0 Browse Download (182 kb)