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Dawn Framing Camera Mars/Cruise/Calibration

FC Calibration Data

Status: Archived

These data sets include the image files to be used in the calibration of the raw Dawn FC1 and FC2 data throughout the mission. These files represent the behaviour of each individual pixel with respect to dark current generation and pixel-to-pixel non-uniformity as a function of the filter. The data volume has been updated on Oct. 30, 2017 to include all available FC1 and FC2 calibration files through the end of the extended mission.

DAWN-CAL-FC1-2-EDR-CALIB-IMAGES-V1.0 (FC1 Calibration) Browse Download (93 Mb)
DAWN-CAL-FC2-2-EDR-CALIB-IMAGES-V1.0 (FC2 Calibration) Browse Download (239 Mb)

FC Mars Data

Status: Archived

These two data sets include the raw and calibrated Dawn FC data from the Mars flyby. FC1 did not return data from Mars, so only FC2 data are represented.

DAWN-M-FC2-2-EDR-MARS-IMAGES-V1.0 (FC2 Mars raw) Browse Download (102 Mb)
DAWN-M-FC2-3-RDR-MARS-IMAGES-V1.0 (FC2 Mars calibrated) Browse Download (231 Mb)

FC Cruise Data

Status: Archived

These four data sets include the raw and calibrated cruise data from FC1 and FC2. The raw data sets cover checkout and all cruise phases. Calibrated data were produced only for checkout and pre-Vesta cruise phases.

DAWN-X-FC1-2-EDR-CRUISE-IMAGES-V1.0 (FC1 raw cruise) Browse Download (1.8 Gb)
DAWN-X-FC2-2-EDR-CRUISE-IMAGES-V1.0 (FC2 raw cruise) Browse Download (2.2 Gb)
DAWN-X-FC1-3-RDR-CRUISE-IMAGES-V1.0 (FC1 calibrated cruise) Browse Download (2.2 Gb)
DAWN-X-FC2-3-RDR-CRUISE-IMAGES-V1.0 (FC2 calibrated cruise) Browse Download (4.8 Gb)

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