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Dawn Cruise - GRaND

Status - Archived

The GRaND EDR are a time-ordered collection of gamma ray and neutron counting data and histograms acquired by GRaND during all phases of the Dawn mission. The dataset includes state-of-health data, such as temperature and voltage readings, needed for the analysis of the counting data. The EDR is an intermediate data product derived from the raw data records using reversible operations. All higher order data products are derived from the EDR. An automated pipeline is used to process the EDR from the raw data records.

This data set covers the Dawn GRaND Level 1A data from the Cruise phase. The first volume, DWNXGRD_1A, includes pre-Vesta cruise. The second volume, DWNXCGRD_1A, includes Vesta-Ceres cruise.
Pre-Vesta Cruise Browse Download (254 Mb)
Vesta-Ceres Cruise Browse Download (201 Mb)

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