Geographos Radar Images

Goldstone radar observations of 1620 Geographos from August 28 through Sept. 2, 1994 yield delay-Doppler images whose linear spatial resolutions range from ~75 to ~151 meters, and 138 pairs of continuous-wave, dual-polarization (OC/SC) (opposite circular/ same circular) spectra with one-dimensional resolution of 103 m. These data are presented in Ostro, et al. (1996), Icarus 121, 46, and are included in this data set.

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"Ostro, S.J., R.F. Jurgens, K.D. Rosema, R.S. Hudson, J.D. Georgini, R. Winkler, D.K. Yeomans, D. Choate, R. Rose, M.A. Slade, S.D. Howard, D.J. Scheeres, and D.L. Mitchell, Geographos Radar Images. EAR-A-GST-3-RDR-GEOGRAPHOS-RADAR-V1.1. NASA Planetary Data System, 1998."

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