Hayabusa2 NIRS3 Bundle

This bundle collects all the operational data products produced by the Hayabusa2 Near Infrared Spectrometer (NIRS3) instrument. NIRS3 is a point spectrometer that operates over the effective wavelength range of 1.8-3.2 micrometers with a 0.1 degree field-of-view. The "3" of "NIRS3" comes from 3 micrometers. Around 3 micrometers, there are absorption lines of minerals with hydroxyl groups (OH). The primary goal of NIRS3 is to map the distribution of hydrated minerals on the target near-Earth asteroid (162173) Ryugu.

Status: Archived
Release date: Apr. 28, 2021

urn:jaxa:darts:hyb2_nirs3::1.0 (961 MB) Browse Download (702 MB)

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Kitazato, Kohei; Iwata, Takahiro; Abe, Masanao; Ohtake, Makiko; Hayabusa2 NIRS3 Bundle V1.0, urn:jaxa:darts:hyb2_nirs3::1.0, NASA Planetary Data System, 2021, 10.17597/ISAS.DARTS/HYB2-00400.