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Lightcurve Derived Data

This is a compilation of published rotational parameters derived from lightcurve data for asteroids, based on the Warner et al. (2009) Asteroid Lightcurve Database. This is the version as of February 3, 2017. In addition to reported rotational parameters by individual papers, there is a summary file with the values adopted by Harris, Warner, and Pravec as the most likely correct values for each asteroid. The data set also contains files listing known binary asteroids, asteroid spin axes, and 'tumbling' asteroids.

urn:nasa:pds:ast_lightcurve_derived_parameters::1.0 Browse Download (1.4 Mb)

Use the following citation to reference this data set:

"Harris, A.W., Warner, B.D., and Pravec, P., Eds., Asteroid Lightcurve Derived Parameters V1.0 urn:nasa:pds:ast_lightcurve_derived_parameters::1.0. NASA Planetary Data System, 2017."

Superseded versions of this data set:

EAR-A-5-DDR-DERIVED-LIGHTCURVE-V16.0 Browse Download (2.0 Mb)
EAR-A-5-DDR-DERIVED-LIGHTCURVE-V15.0 Browse Download (820 kb)
EAR-A-5-DDR-DERIVED-LIGHTCURVE-V14.0 Browse Download (676 kb)
EAR-A-5-DDR-DERIVED-LIGHTCURVE-V13.0 Browse Download (558 kb)
EAR-A-5-DDR-DERIVED-LIGHTCURVE-V12.0 Browse Download (445 kb)
EAR-A-5-DDR-DERIVED-LIGHTCURVE-V11.0 Browse Download (357 kb)
EAR-A-5-DDR-DERIVED-LIGHTCURVE-V10.0 Browse Download (293 kb)
EAR-A-5-DDR-DERIVED-LIGHTCURVE-V9.0 Browse Download (244 kb)
EAR-A-5-DDR-DERIVED-LIGHTCURVE-V8.0 Browse Download (134 kb)
EAR-A-5-DDR-DERIVED-LIGHTCURVE-V7.0 Browse Download (137 kb)
EAR-A-5-DDR-DERIVED-LIGHTCURVE-V6.0 Browse Download (97 kb)
EAR-A-5-DDR-DERIVED-LIGHTCURVE-V5.0 Browse Download (71 kb)
EAR-A-5-DDR-DERIVED-LIGHTCURVE-V4.0 Browse Download (49 kb)
EAR-A-5-DDR-DERIVED-LIGHTCURVE-V3.0 Browse Download (43 kb)
EAR-A-5-DDR-DERIVED-LIGHTCURVE-V2.0 Browse Download (40 kb)
EAR-A-5-DDR-DERIVED-LIGHTCURVE-REF-V1.0 Browse Download (16 kb)
EAR-A-5-DDR-DERIVED-LIGHTCURVE-V1.0 Browse Download (43 kb)

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