NEAR Data Set Structure

In PDS, a "data set" is a group of data under the same data set ID. All the PDS NEAR data sets have this high-level directory structure:

aareadme.txt This text file provides an overview of the contents the data set.
browse This directory contains browse tools developed by NEAR scientists for specific scientific inquires. This directory may not be present in all data sets.
calib This directory contains files used to calibrate instrument data. This directory may not be present.
catalog This directory contains PDS catalog files with descriptions for the mission, instrument host, instrument and data sets.
data This directory contains uncalibrated or calibrated instrument data.
document This directory contains instrument documentation. It is included only on the first volume of a set of data. For example, only the first volume of MSI data for the Eros Orbit phase has a document directory.
errata.txt This text file describes data errors and anomalies.
geometry This directory contains geometry files. It may include SPICE files. This directory may not be present.
index This directory contains index tables describing times and key data file parameter values for this data set. This text file contains a formal description of the contents of the volume.

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