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Calibration Files

Calibration files can be tabular data, images, or spectra and can be taken in the lab or in flight. Calibration files are normally located on the same data set as the calibrated data files, but in a separate subdirectory called "calib". The "calinfo.txt" file in that directory will provide further details about the calibration file organization.

Shape and Gravity Models

The original shape and gravity models prepared by the NEAR MSI, NAV, NLR, and RSS teams are in the NEAR Collected Shape and Gravity Models data set. The same models are also available in the individual higher-level data sets for each instrument.

The most recent and detailed Eros shape model, prepared by Robert Gaskell from the NEAR data in 2008, is available in the Gaskell Eros Shape Model data set.

NEAR Browse Utilities

Browse utilities are located in the "browse" directory of many of the data sets. Here are links to some of them:


Documentation is provided in the "document" directory of each data set. An html browse utility linking the complete Documentation Set for the entire collection is also available.

Data on asteroid 253 Mathilde

The NEAR spacecraft flew by asteroid 253 Mathilde on June 25-27, 1997. The Multi-Spectral Imager (MSI) and the Radio Science (RSS) instruments acquired data during the flyby of Mathilde.

MSI data on Mathilde are located in the MSI Mathilde raw and calibrated data sets available on the MSI instrument page.

Radio Science data on Mathilde are located in the RSS Mathilde data set available on the RSS instrument page.

SPICE data for Mathilde are located in the NEAR SPICE Mathilde data set available on the NEAR SPICE page.

An incomplete shape model, image mosaic, and list of images used to create the shape model, are included in the Collected NEAR Mathilde and Eros Shape and Gravity Models.

Data on comet C/Hyakutake (1996 B2)

The MSI instrument acquired visual images of comet C/Hyakutake (1996 B2) on March 23, 1996, from 14:50:19.1 to 15:44:41.1 UTC, equivalent to mission elapsed times 3089211 and 3092473, respectively.

The raw MSI images are in the MSI Cruise 1 raw data set, here.

The calibrated MSI images are in the MSI Cruise 1 calibrated data set here.

SPICE data

The NEAR SPICE archive was originally structured inconveniently as nine data sets divided by mission phase. For ease of use, these nine data sets were combined into a single data set by Boris Semenov of NAIF, and the combined NEAR SPICE data set was reviewed internally by SBN. The combined NEAR SPICE data set was released by NAIF in February 2013 and linked on the SBN NEAR archive site.

The original nine data sets, which are now superseded by the combined data set, are accessible here.

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