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NEAR Gamma-Ray Spectrometer (GRS) Data

Raw data (level 1b):

Data set ID Mission phase Browse Download
NEAR-A-GRS-2-EDR-CRUISE2-V1.0 Cruise 2 299 Mb 53 Mb
NEAR-A-GRS-2-EDR-EARTH-V1.0 Earth Flyby 144 Mb 15 Mb
NEAR-A-GRS-2-EDR-CRUISE3-V1.0 Cruise 3 269 Mb 44 Mb
NEAR-A-GRS-2-EDR-CRUISE4-V1.0 Cruise 4 276 Mb 47 Mb
NEAR-A-GRS-2-EDR-EROS/ORBIT-V1.0 Eros Orbit 719 Mb 135 Mb
NEAR-A-GRS-2-EDR-EROS/SURFACE-V1.0 Eros Surface 138 Mb 13 Mb

Calibrated data (levels 2 and 3):

Data set ID Mission phase Browse Download
NEAR-A-GRS-3-EDR-EROS/ORBIT-V1.0 Eros Orbit 411 Mb 296 Mb
NEAR-A-GRS-3-EDR-EROS/SURFACE-V1.0 Eros Surface 18 Mb 6 Mb

Highlighted data products from the above volumes:

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