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NEAR Near-Infrared Spectrometer (NIS) Data

Raw (level 1b) data:

Data set ID Mission phase Browse Download
NEAR-A-NIS-2-EDR-CRUISE1-V1.0 Cruise 1 6.1 Mb 2.5 Mb
NEAR-A-NIS-2-EDR-CRUISE2-V1.0 Cruise 2 8.1 Mb 3.1 Mb
NEAR-A-NIS-2-EDR-CRUISE3-V1.0 Cruise 3 17 Mb 4.5 Mb
NEAR-A-NIS-2-EDR-CRUISE4-V1.0 Cruise 4 21 Mb 5.9 Mb
NEAR-A-NIS-2-EDR-EARTH-V1.0 Earth Flyby 4.4 Mb 2.3 Mb
NEAR-A-NIS-2-EDR-EROS/FLY/BY-V1.0 Eros Flyby 4.8 Mb 2.5 Mb
NEAR-A-NIS-2-EDR-EROS/ORBIT-V1.0 Eros Orbit 172 Mb 59.3 Mb

Calibrated data from Nixel Database, original version

The MSI/NIS team used the raw NIS data and the NIS calibration tables to generate the following calibrated data file, known as the Nixel Database. The file contains 292608 calibrated spectra from the entire NIS investigation, from cruise through the end of the NIS experiment in May 2000. Spectra are presented in units of target radiance divided by solar radiance (I/F) and include derived information on the pointing of the NIS spectrometer. The file is a 326-Mbyte, FITS binary table with a non-compliant FITS header.

Data set ID Includes: Browse Download
NEAR-A-NIS-5-EDR-EROS/ORBIT-V1.0 All Phases 2.0 Gb 1.5 Gb

Calibrated data from Nixel Database, PDS-revised version

This is the revised Nixel Database with a FITS-compliant header, computed direct mission elapsed times, offset-corrected counts, and true exposure durations. (The larger size of the original data set compared to this one is due to the browse directory, which is not reproduced in the revised data set.)

Data set ID Includes: Browse Download
NEAR-A-NIS-5-EDR-ALL-PHASES-PDSREV-V1.0 All Phases 338 Mb 197 Mb

Calibrated (level 2) data, divided by subphase and UTC day-of-year:

For a time, PDS was providing the calibrated Nixel Database divided into fourteen smaller data sets by subphase and by day-of-year, to make it easier for users who had difficulty with the large (~500 Mb) file sizes of the full Nixel Database. These subdivided data sets have outlived their usefulness and are no longer being provided.

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