NEAR Collected Shape and Gravity Models

Several instrument teams from the Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous (NEAR) mission derived models of the main mission target, 433 Eros. In addition, the Multi-Spectral Imager team also derived a shape model of the secondary target 253 Mathilde. These models and their associated data and descriptions have been collected into this data set for ease of distribution. In addition to the link to the full data set, here is a browse facility to access the models. See the NEAR Coordinate Systems document for an explanation of the coordinate systems used and instructions to convert between them.

NEAR-A-5-COLLECTED-MODELS-V1.0 Browse Download (26.3 Mb)

The following data set includes the Peter Thomas shape models of Eros, which are also incorporated into the collection above. The Thomas shape models data set also includes a browse interface and documentation not included in the collected models.

NEAR-A-MSI-5-EROS-SHAPE-MODELS-V1.0 Browse Download (206 Mb)