Asteroid Occultations

This data set is intended to include all reported timings of observed asteroid, planet, and planetary satellite occultation events as well as occultation axes derived from those timings by David W. Dunham and David Herald. This version is complete through the end of 2016.

urn:nasa:pds:smallbodiesoccultations::1.0 Browse Download (14 Mb)

Use the following citation to reference this data set:

"Dunham, D.W., Herald, D., Frappa, E., Hayamizu, T., Talbot, J., and Timerson, B., Asteroid Occultations V1.0. urn:nasa:pds:smallbodiesoccultations::1.0. NASA Planetary Data System, 2017."

Superseded versions of this data set:

EAR-A-3-RDR-OCCULTATIONS-V14.0 Browse Download (15 Mb)
EAR-A-3-RDR-OCCULTATIONS-V13.0 Browse Download (15 Mb)
EAR-A-3-RDR-OCCULTATIONS-V12.0 Browse Download (23 Mb)
EAR-A-3-RDR-OCCULTATIONS-V11.0 Browse Download (23 Mb)
EAR-A-3-RDR-OCCULTATIONS-V10.0 Browse Download (23 Mb)
EAR-A-3-RDR-OCCULTATIONS-V9.0 Browse Download (23 Mb)
EAR-A-3-RDR-OCCULTATIONS-V8.0 Browse Download (23 Mb)
EAR-A-3-RDR-OCCULTATIONS-V7.0 Browse Download (19 Mb)
EAR-A-3-RDR-OCCULTATIONS-V6.0 Browse Download (14 Mb)
EAR-A-3-RDR-OCCULTATIONS-V5.0 Browse Download (390 kb)
EAR-A-3-RDR-OCCULTATIONS-V4.1 Browse Download (328 kb)
EAR-A-3-RDR-OCCULTATIONS-V4.0 Browse Download (331 kb)
EAR-A-3-RDR-OCCULTATIONS-V3.0 Browse Download (291 kb)
EAR-A-3-RDR-OCCULTATIONS-V2.0 Browse Download (208 kb)
EAR-A-3-RDR-OCCULTATIONS-V1.0 Browse Download (84 kb)