Olivine Laboratory Infrared Absorbance Spectra

Laboratory measurements quantifying the effect of Fe substituting for Mg in olivine are necessary to distinguish compositional from temperature, grain size and grain shape effects in observational data. This dataset presents room temperature (18-19 degrees Celsius) diamond anvil cell thin film absorption spectra of a large suite of olivines evenly spaced across Mg and Fe compositions at infrared wavelengths.

EAR-X-I1485-3-OLIVSPEC-V1.0 Browse Download (700 kb)

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Pitman, K.M., Dijkstra, C., Hofmeister, A.M., and Speck, A.K., Olivine Laboratory Infrared Absorbance Spectra V1.0. EAR-X-I1485-3-OLIVSPEC-V1.0. NASA Planetary Data System, 2012.

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