PRIMASS-L is a spectral library that contains the results of the PRIMitive Asteroids Spectroscopic Survey (PRIMASS). As of June 2021 this library contains spectra of about 642 asteroids from 10 families and two groups that had been sparsely studied before. 85% of our targets did not have published spectra and only 40% had visible photometry. PRIMASS-L contains spectra from a variety of ground-based facilities. This survey is ongoing and is expected to contain about 800 spectra by the end of 2022.

Making PRIMASS-L publicly available at the Small Bodies Node of the Planetary Data System enables synergies with other data sets containing physical parameters (e.g. polarimetric properties and geometric albedo) and family affiliation. This will push the characterization of the families and primitive material to a new level and will improve our understanding of the evolution of our Solar System and other planetary systems.

Release Date: 2021-11-19

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urn:nasa:pds:gbo.ast.primass-l.spectra::1.0 Browse Download (97 MB)

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Pinilla-Alonso, N., De Pra, M., de Leon, J., Morate, D., Lorenzi, V., Arredondo, A., Campins, H., Licandro, J., Delbo, M., Cabrera-Lavers, A., Walsh, K., DeMeo, F., Sarid, G. (2021). PRIMASS-L Spectra Bundle V1.0. urn:nasa:pds:gbo.ast.primass-l.spectra::1.0. NASA Planetary Data System; doi: 10.26033/xnfh-np39.

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