Small Body Radar Shape Models

This data set contains radar-based shape models for small solar system bodies, generated by the method developed by Scott Hudson. The current version of this data set contains shape models for the following asteroids: 216 Kleopatra, 1620 Geographos, 2063 Bacchus, 4197 Toutatis (low and high resolution models), 4769 Castalia, 6489 Golevka, 1998 KY26, 52760 (1998 ML14), and 25143 Itokawa.

EAR-A-5-DDR-RADARSHAPE-MODELS-V2.0 Browse Download (1.8 Mb)

Use the following citation to reference this data set:

"Neese, C., Ed. Small Body Radar Shape Models V2.0. EAR-A-5-DDR-RADARSHAPE-MODELS-V2.0, NASA Planetary Data System, 2004."

Superseded versions of this data set:

EAR-A-5-DDR-RADARSHAPE-MODELS-V1.1 Browse Download (765 kb)
EAR-A-5-DDR-RADARSHAPE-MODELS-V1.0 Browse Download (637 kb)