Shape model of Asteroid (153591) 2001 SN263

This data set contains the three-dimensional shapes and rotation states of the three components of near-Earth asteroid (153591) 2001 SN263 based on radar images and optical lightcurves (Becker et al., 2015. 2001 SN263 was observed in 2003 using the 12.6-cm radar at Arecibo Observatory. Optical lightcurves were obtained at several observatories and used to further constrain the shape modeling.

EAR-A-I0037-5-SHAPE153591-V1.0 Browse Download (392 kb)

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"Becker, T.M., Howell, E.S, Nolan, M.C., Magri, C., Pravec, P., Taylor, P.A., Oey, J., Higgins, D., Vilagi, J., Korno, L., Galad, A., Gajdo, ., Gaftonyuk, N.M., Krugly, Yu.N., Molotov, I.E., Hicks, M.D., Carbognani, A., Warner, B.D., Vachier, F., Marchis, F., and Pollock, J.T., Shape model of Asteroid (153591) 2001 SN263 V1.0. EAR-A-I0037-5-SHAPE153591-V1.0. NASA Planetary Data System, 2017."

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