Small Main-Belt Asteroid Spectroscopic Survey (SMASS)

The Small Main-belt Asteroid Spectrographic Survey (SMASS) consists of visible spectra of 316 small main-belt asteroids observed primarily with the 2.4 m Hiltner telescope, located at the Michigan-Dartmouth-MIT (MDM) Observatory on Kitt Peak in Arizona. The data have been published in Xu, et al. (Icarus 115, 1-35, 1995).

EAR-A-M3SPEC-3-RDR-SMASS-V2.1 Browse Download (1.8 Mb)

Use the following citation to reference this data set:

"Xu, S., R.P. Binzel, T.H. Burbine, and S.J. Bus, Small Main-Belt Asteroid Survey. EAR-A-M3SPEC-3-RDR-SMASS-V2.1. NASA Planetary Data System, 1996."

Superseded versions of this data set:

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