Phoebe SPC Shape Model and Assessment Products

This bundle contains a shape model for the Saturnian moon Phoebe, along with quality assessment data. The global model is similar to the previously archived "Gaskell Phoebe Shape Model", but is provided in multiple formats.

Release Date: 2023-10-16

Data Set Info
urn:nasa:pds:satellite-phoebe.cassini.shape-models-maps::1.0 Browse Download (156 Mb)

Use the following citation to reference this data set:

Weirich, J.R; Gaskell, R.; Palmer, E.E; Domingue, D.L.; Hare, T.M.(2023). Phoebe SPC Shape Model and Assessment Products Bundle V1.0. urn:nasa:pds:satellite-phoebe.cassini.shape-models-maps::1.0. NASA Planetary Data System; doi:10.26033/3k3c-5713.

Superseded Versions: None