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Some images wihtout footprints are not displayed
Note: Baseball Diamond 2 refly was done at the beginning of Recon A but it is under Detailed Survey.

Bennu Mission Phases (end to beginning) covered in SBIB so far

Data Download

Highlight the data you would like to download, click 'Download'. Notes for the download screen: 'raw' and 'calibrated' buttons refer to the fits files. For downloading e.g. jpg files in camera view, click on 'jpg'; for projected view, click on 'Projected' and then again on 'jpg'. Note that the file names are the same for the camera and projected view.

Map Projection and ArcGIS

Data can be imported into ArcGIS by downloading the ISIS Map cubes.
Most images (PNG and thumbnails) were generated with an equirectangular projection. Images that are near the poles have been projected with a polar projection.


We use several different overview maps for the Image Browser.

Data processing

We used the USGS software tool Integrated Software for Imagers and Spectrometers (ISIS) as the main tool to process the data. We used the pre-Dawn shape model posted at USGS and the ISIS software routines to convert images into map-based projections.


This software uses the coordinate system defined by the OSIRIS-REx mission( details).